Part of notes not showing

Nov 10, 2021

Hello! I cannot see all of the notes on my slides. They are cut off, no matter what I do. I have popped out the notes pane, adjusted the font size, tried to break up lines by hitting enter, and still, I cannot see everything. Please see below:

The end of the notes actually say an entity covered under HIPAA., but I'm not seeing it all? It is not on the next line, either. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Becca Levan

Thanks for the screenshot! Happy to help with this, Jessica!

It sounds like you're viewing the notes while authoring a course in Storyline instead of previewing or publishing a course. You mentioned you popped out the notes pane, so my first tip would be to Redock All Windows to confirm the Notes section is in the correct spot.

Here's how:

If that doesn't do it, try importing the slides into a new blank Storyline project to see if that corrects things.

Feel free to share your file with us here so we can take a closer look. I'm curious if these tips help, so please keep me posted!