Partial credit for multiple option question

Jul 19, 2013

Is there a way to give partial credit for multiple option, drag and drap and other types of multiple answer questions? In order to do this, you would need to assign a value to each response, but I wasn't able to figure out how to do that if it is indeed possible. Let me know. Thanks.

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Antony Snow

Hi Miriam,

I think the attached achieves what you are trying to do. Although this example uses a multiple response question, the mechanics should be same when applied to other question types.

Basically, I have built my own feedback layers (correct, partially correct and incorrect) and have used trggers to display the relevant layer based on the value of a number variable that assigns a score (10 points if 2 AND 4 = 'selected' when the user clicks on submit or 5 points if 2 OR 4 equal 'selected' when the user clicks on submit). The key is to have the triggers that assign the score above the trigger to submit the interaction - SL processes triggers from top to bottom so you want the score to be assigned before the the relevant feedback layer is displayed.


Antony Snow

Hi Miraim,

I can see no reason why the principle wouldn't work for a D&D - though you will need to use the 'drop correct' and 'drop incorrect' states to control how many points are assigned. For example:

If item A and item B are correct, you will need to add a trigger to adjust the number variable to 10 if the states of item A AND item B are equal to 'drop correct' and a further trigger that adjusts it to 5 if the states of item A OR item B are equal to 'drop correct'.

To tally the results, you will need to have a seperate number variable for each question (i.e. Q1, Q2 etc.) as well as a further number variable called 'Total' (or something similar). On the results slide, you will need to add triggers that add the question variables to the 'Total' variable and then on screen, add a reference to display the value of the 'Total' variable i.e. %Total%.

I hope that makes sense, but post back if you need any further clarification.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Antony,

Tx for answering this question, as it's a popular one. I've not yet seen a solution that would work with an LMS...not say it's not out there, but I'm still looking, which is why, even though I should be working , I downloaded your file. I played with it quite a while before posting here, since I kept thinking I was doing something wrong

I have some questions:

  • First, I THINK shuffle answers needs to be off for this to work? Can you confirm?
  • Second, I THINK the set score equal to 10 variable needs an addition condition AND Button 3's state (or whichever is the button for the number 5) is not equal to selected. (at least I got a 10 when I had all 3 selected)
  • Third, no matter what I do, when I add another slide to this story, I'm immediately brought to the new slide after selecting one of the answers. And this is even though I've removed the "jump to the next slide" trigger from the continue button on the partially and incorrect layers. I also tried adding a trigger to jump back to the base slide. That has me really stumped
  • Fourth: would this work with an LMS? When I add the results slide I get 0% and an indication that I passed..


Antony Snow

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for the post and for raising some interesting questions, which I will (try to) answer:

  • I'm not convinced that shuffle answers needs to be off - the scoring is awarded based on which answer options have a selected state when the user clicks on 'submit', so not shuffling the options shouldn't make a difference?
  • I agree that the trigger to score 10 needs adjusting to include the condition that button 3's state is equal to 'normal' as well so you don't get 10 points for selecting all 3 options
  • I too have noticed that if you add a further slide you don't see the feedback layers on question 1 - I'm not sure why, but would love to hear from anyone else who may be able to answer this
  • I'm not sure how you would get this to work on an LMS. I have had a quick look and none of the default result variables used to pass the score to an LMS are being populated and I can't see a way to adjust them either :-(


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Anthony,

Re shuffling, I thought it wasn't working when it was turned on, but it was perhaps that other things that were happening were muddying things up.

Re it not working with the existing feedback layer, I wonder if a built-in Try Again layer might work better


I haven't spent time testing because my own completely anecdotal observation is that most people who want this kind of fine-tuned scoring need it for real-world testing that would work in an LMS. That's why I was so intrigued when I saw this thread.

Ah, well, I guess back to the drawing board!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Elizabeth,

Storyline doesn't support partial scoring using the built in score elements of questions and the results slide variables are not accessible and therefore you won't be able to adjust them using triggers as shown here. Likely it may be something you could do with Javascript but that's not something we can offer support for so hopefully someone in the community can weigh in. 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Adam! 

I appreciate you sharing that there is still a need for a partial scoring feature in Storyline!

Since we don't already have this feature in Storyline 360, we are continuing to track customer impact and update our report! I've added your comments so that we updated information. I'll report back to this discussion when I have an update.

Hugh V

I can't believed this was raised 8 years ago and has still not been implemented. If a course uses lots of multiple response question types and the learners select most of the correct answers  every time, it will be very demoralising to always be told they got it wrong when actually they got a large percentage right.

Simon Stuart

Hi there,

First time using Articulate and was trying Quizmaker but unfortunately have stopped before I could get started due to this seemingly long-standing issue of no partial credits for multiple options. Perplexing to say the least as it seems pretty basic.

I don't have the time to sit down and work out if any of these 'workarounds' and fudges may/may not work, so oh well, it's off to find another 3rd party option!