TIP: Give Partial Credit on Multiple Response Questions

Aug 19, 2022

Multiple Choice questions can give partial credit for wrong answers.

Multiple Response questions can’t.

So what can you do if you want to give partial credit for Multiple Response answers?

Use a disguised Multiple Choice slide!

The attached Storyline file demonstrates how to do this. It also explains the programming. 

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Judy Nollet
Jürgen Schoenemeyer

very interesting solution - so many tricks for something that should actually be included in storyline (without tricks)

I understand why Articulate doesn't include this functionality.

There are so many possible variations, especially related to the responses that shouldn't be selected. For example, I added points if the user didn't select a wrong answer. Some developers might want to subtract points if a user does select a wrong answer. Or not use the state of the wrong answer at all when figuring points. 

It could also get tricky if you want all questions to be worth a given number of points (for example, 10 points). Then how do you divvy up the points when there are 3 or 4 responses? 

Personally, I've never given partial credit for a Multiple Response question, and I doubt I ever will. I only created the demo because I've seen people ask about this a few times in the Forum.

And if someone wants to use this trick, it's up to them to figure out how they want the scoring to work.  :-)

Judy Nollet

I hope it's helpful. 😃

FYI: Disguised multiple-choice questions could also be used to track answers to types of questions that can't be graded by Storyline. For example, if a question needs to evaluation multiple text-entry answers. Or for situations where more than one answer is correct, but the user only needs to pick one (as described in this post: TIP: Create a "Pick One" Question with Multiple Correct Answers - Articulate Storyline Discussions - E-Learning Heroes).

Terrence Carmichael

I do have to agree with Bonnie, and I am not new to Storyline, but this seems like too much work, with possible errors being introduced along the way. I am not even going to try to do this with a 40 question assessment. I will just use our LMS quiz module for this, it is very easy, and assigns +credits or -credits very easily to each question. I am surprised, and frustrated, that this does not work automatically with Storyline.  Seems to me that this functionality should just be added. It does not make sense that if someone chose 3 of 4 answers correct in a multiple response question that they should get no partial credit for the correct responses. I am baffled. At least I have a easier solution for this in our LMS. 

Yasmin Al Ghoul

I agree. This is frustrating that Storyline hasn't get this feature, while other authoring tools that are less advanced than Storyline has it built-in and no need to do all these steps. 
As an authoring tool and one main use for it is creating courses and assessments, this should be a basic feature.
Please take our suggestion into consideration. It will make a big difference.