Participants select chapters to build their own quiz?

Jul 29, 2020


I am trying to build a storyline course where the first slide is a series of chapter headings they can select from, and what I would like to happen is a question bank pull questions from the chapter groupings they selected in the initial menu. 

So if this were a quiz module for a course about baking cookies, the chapter buttons would be:

Preparing Ingredients

Mixing Dough

Baking and Serving

and say they clicked the titles"Preparing Ingredients" and "Baking and Serving" so that those titles have a state change from Normal to Selected, I would like them to be able to click "Next" or a custom "Begin" button that would take them to a question bank only containing questions related to those chapters. 

Has anyone built anything like that? Is there a simple solution? 

So far the only way I can think to do this would be to create separate question banks for every possible chapter selection combination, and make an equal amount of trigger sets that are something like: 

If objects X and Y are state selected when user clicks Button Next, then jump to slide Question Bank Combination X Y. But that becomes unreasonable when I have 6 chapters, I think it is like 63 different unique combinations if my math is correct. 

That is why I am wondering if there is a way to have one question bank pull from other question banks based on their selections? Or some other simplified solution like that?  

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Garth Yorko

This may not be exactly what you are looking for but it may work if you don't need to send the quiz results to the LMS.

Here it is in action:

The source file is attached

You will need to create some True/False Variables and some Number Variable

T/F variables:

  1. Topic variables (Preparing, Mixing, Baking), 1 for each topic
  2. Results-Calculated

Number variables

  1. Custom_Score
  2. Question_Count

For each topic there is a True/False variable.  Each variable trigger to True when the learner clicks the Next button if the state of the topic is "Chosen (a custom state)

Then the learner jumps to the question bank.

The two trigger below happen when the timeline starts

  1. Jump to the next slide when the timeline starts if the corresponding topic variable is = False (this skips topic questions)  Delay the start of any items on the question slide by 1/2 a second, this helps limit the text briefly displaying before the question is skipped
  2. Change the state of the correct response radio button to Review (you need to create these, just copy the Normal state) when the timeline starts if the Results Calculated variable = True (this allows the learner to review the quiz and see the correct answer)

The next two are applied to the Submit button

  1. Add value 10 to Custom_Score if the state of the correct response radio button is = Selected when the learner clicks the submit button.
  2. Add value 10 to Question_Count when the learner clicks the Submit button

Repeat these for each question

The Results page is a fake results page, but it has most of the same elements

Here are the triggers:

When the timeline starts:

  1. Divide Custom_Score by variable Question_Count if Results calculated = False
  2. Multiple Custom_Score by value 100 if Results Calculated = False
  3. Show success layer if Custom_Score is greater than or equal to value 80 (adjust the 80 to meet your needs)
  4. Show Failure layer if Custom_Score is less than 80
  5. Submit results Fake Results Slide
  6. Set Results_Calculated = True

When the learner clicks the Review Quiz button Jump to draw from question bank

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