Participating in Elearning Hero Challenges

Oct 25, 2015

Hi Everyone! 

I use Storyline on a daily basis for work and would love to start entering into some of these really cool and fun challenges. 

How am I able to upload my files to elearning heros?



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David Anderson

Hey Janice - 

You have a few options for uploading and sharing your files.

  1. The best place to host your files is your own blog or website since that space is directly connected to you. 
  2. Articulate Review is another popular options for sharing files. You'll need an Articulate 360 to publish to Review but it's simple and even a way to receive direct feedback on your files.
  3. Amazon S3 is free and solid option for hosting. Tom has a good blog post on uploading projects to S3.
  4. If you need help hosting your projects, you can zip your published folder and post in the community. I can help post your files to our servers for the first couple challenges to help you get started.

Regarding where to begin, I'd say you have two options:

  1. Share to the current challenge for the most visibility on your projects. The current challenge is always the most active and lively because it's in progress and users are contributing daily.
  2. Share to a previous challenge that appeals to you. If I were looking to post my first challenge entry, I probably would not start with the first challenge. Instead, I'd look through the challenge archive to find 5-10 challenges that interest me the most. That way it will feel less like "work" and more like fun. 

I hope this helps. As always, post in the forums if you have any questions and one of us will help you out.

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