Passing actual score (points) to the LMS

May 31, 2012


is it possible to get my content to report the achieved points to the LMS and not the percentage? I am using SCORM 1.2 output and my LMS is Totara LMS ( which has a moodle core.

I was thinking about manipulating the value of score.max which is always 100. Is there a possibility to set it to the actual achievable points so that score.raw wouldn't reflect the percentage but the points?

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Tobias Pils


thank you for your reply.

Sorry for my unaccuracy. My target is to set the score.max value to something other than 100 (which it seems to be by default).

What you are stating is perfectly true but I want to send a "custom" maximum score to the LMS.

If e.g. I have a course in which users can achieve 50 points and a specific user scores 25 points, I want the LMS to know that scores from 0 to 50 points were possible and the user achieved 25 points.

As it is now, the LMS would receive the information that scores from 0 to 100 were possible and that the user achieved 50 "points".

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Phil Mayor


I dont think you can do this (without a lot of hacking) just checked my scorm reports and this and the gradebook are based on a percentage.  Totara would likely need modifying as well, to work on score and not percentage.  The simple solution is to ensure your score adds up to 100 as Brian suggests.


Johanna Stix


would it be possible to change the submit results and call the LMSAPI javascript function with your own values?

like LMSSetValue('cmi.core.score.raw', '30');

 I already recognised that it's not possible to change the variable Results.ScorePercent.

Or is it possible to get the students id through a javascript function and then write the points and the id to a seperate database?

Amaia Quesada


I would like to know whether it is now possible to export the points instead of the percentage to the the LMS.

I want to add up the points in the SCORM together with points the participants earn in tests on the LMS but what the SCORM translates the percentage into the actual number, so suddenly the points are really high. F. ex: the participant gets 6 out of 10 points in the SCORM, and I would like to export those 6 points. However, my LMS gives displays 60 points because it translates the 60% into points.

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Gerry Wasiluk

As an aside . . .

LMS's and tools like Storyline have to follow the specs for the various standards (e.g, AICC, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 3rd Edition, etc.).

If a particular data element is not defined to be sent and stored in the LMS then things get problematic.  Generally speaking, you want everyone to play by the rules.

When tools and LMS's start doing their own thing, interoperability gets tough to maintain.

But you might want to look at having custom variable information stored in the LMS.

How you then get that info to show in something like a LMS report becomes a big challenge.  Someone would have to know where the LMS is storing such info and if it can be displayed in a report.  LMS data schemes can get pretty complex so you probably need help from your LMS vendor, especially if your LMS is hosted.  And, all too often, having them do a custom report for this can be very expensive.