Scoring not showing up properly

Feb 28, 2020

I have created a test course in Storyline 360. 

Here I have 3 quiz slides.

Each with 10 points. 

Passing percentage of 80%

SCORM 2004 with state Passed/Failed.


When I upload this course to my LMS the scores do not show correctly. 

Each correct answer sends 1 point instead of 10. 

The maximum score shows as 100 instead of 30 

The result looks like 3/100 (3 from questions and 100 from max score).


Is there any way I can pass the actual SCORE and Maximum points to my LMS correctly?

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Debiprasad Maharana

Hi, Sorry for the delayed response. What you have shared in the video works fine. Success and completion are recorded correctly. I am talking about the points. 

The Scores are shared in % form with the LMS. Please check the reportage of that course in SCORM Cloud. you will see the interaction data for each question show weightage of 1. It shoud show 10. 

Each correct answer should be reported as 10 points to LMS which is not working. Its sending 1 point for each correct answer. 

The max score should be 30 here but the content is sending 100% instead. 

So the score shows up like 3/100 where it should show 10/30 or 20/30 etc. 

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