Passing Score to/from Different Slides

Apr 14, 2016

hi! I have a jeopardy game that has the board on one slide and each question slide has it's own question. Once the user answers the question correctly, a score is tallied for the question. The challenge is passing each question score to the board slide where the main scoreboard should sit.  For example: I click category 1 on the board, it jumps to the category 1 slide where I answer the question and get a score for that question. Then I go back to the board where I should see a total score for all questions answered. My challenge is that the board slide is not capturing the scores from the other slides. I can do this if everything operates on the same slide, but it gets crazy! Any advice as to how I can pass a score from one slide to another would be very helpful. Thanks! 

P.S> I've attached an image diagramming what I'm talking about :)

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Wendy Farmer

Hi curlyQT

you should be able to use a number variable (let's call it score) and reference it on the main board slide. It will get adjusted each time the user gets the correct answer and returns to the main board from the answer slide.

so main board will have the variable reference %score% 

each question slide will have a trigger adjust variable 'score' add xx value when user clicks a button or selects the correct answer on each quiz slide.


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