Passing Storyline Scores to LMS


I am creating eLearning courses using Storyline and sending them to the LMS using Scorm 1.2. All went well until the client asked me if it was possible to get the actual user score for the Quiz into the LMS.

I have set the passing score at 70% and the client is okay to just get the actual passing score into the LMS for reporting. I was told that you have to execute a javascript but I will be glad if there was an easier solution.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Nicole - 

Articulate Storyline lets you track a course either by the number of slides viewed or by a single quiz (result slide). Tracking both measurements for the same course isn't supported. Similarly, tracking multiple quiz scores in the same course isn't supported. However, you may be able to track more than one SCO (shareable content object) in a single course using one of the unsupported methods in this article.

To report both completion status and success status to an LMS, select either Passed/Incomplete or Passed/Failed as the reporting option when publishing your Articulate Storyline content. See this article for more information.

Cathy DeBurro

Hi All - 

I have created a quiz in the form of a game. We are not as interested in who 'passed' or 'failed' and the results percentage, we are more interested in creating a competition based on high points scored instead.  For example, 100% = 300 points.  (that's right now, of course it's going to get much bigger and more complex)....

Is there a way to pass the points to the LMS instead of the percentage? We would rather see a report that indicates 300 points instead of 100%, We have a big quarterly event and want to create a challenge - high scorer wins....

I am using Convert to Free Form slides with Drag and Drop and a results slide (which will become multiple results slide as we add levels, but for now - there is only 1 level and 1 result slide).

I'm using Storyline 2. :(

Thanks all!

Lizzie Wakefield

Hi Cathy

What you could do is use this tutorial here:

this shows you how to pass the score to a Google spread sheet, you can send what ever variables you like. We are running an escape the room game ( at the moment and all the details - name, email address, completion time (minutes and seconds) are sent to the Google doc when the user clicks submit.

It works really nicely and is a lot cheaper than having to adjust an LMS to pick up different values.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Cathy!

You could also send the Results.ScorePoints variable to the LMS using this method. And since the Results.ScorePoints variable is numeric, use a How Many Survey question rather than a Short Answer Survey question.

You've got some options--be sure to pop back in and let us know what works for you!

Cathy DeBurro

Hi Lizzie and Alyssa!

Wow!  Both options are great!  I have an email out to our LMS provider to uncover what can be done on their end to show the game questions/answers in our reporting...once I hear back from them, that will determine whether we try to get results from within the LMS or need to go outside of it to Google.  Thank you so much! I will get back to you with how I fared soon!

Cathy DeBurro

Actually, Alyssa 

A question regarding your suggestion....assuming our LMS will allow for this option, it may be more streamlined to use this approach and keep it in all of the reports that we generate throughout the organization already.  So, my questions are:

1. Where would I insert this "how many" survey question slide?  (1 time or after every question)

2. Can I hide it?  If so, how?

3. And, would I simply make the answer the %Results.ScorePoints% variable?  Or do I have to do something else?

4. You also mentioned that I would need to link it to the results slide.  How?

Sorry - I'm trying to visualize it - as I've never used survey questions before.


Alyssa Gomez

Great questions, Cathy!

You'll only need one "how many" survey question slide, since you're only passing one variable to the LMS, which is Results.ScorePoints.

The video in this tutorial answers your questions 2-4. You'll notice it's for Storyline 1, but you can use the same method for Storyline 2. 

Let me know if that helps!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Shobana,

I don't know if Lizzie is still subscribed here to share her custom set up - but using a built-in Results slide should pass the results.scorepoint variable to your LMS.

If you are looking to use a more custom setup, share a bit more detail about what that looks like for you and I'm sure someone in the community can weigh in on next steps!

Laurel Thomas

I've also tried this option using a question slide with a NumericEntry text entry field to equal my variable Score, then submit the Numeric interaction to the results slide. In testing it on SCORM Cloud, I still can't get it to work. I've been over and over other posts  here and here about using JavaScript, but that hasn't worked yet, either. Would love some help!

Laurel Thomas

Hi, Alyssa. Thanks for the direction. I’ve changed my survey question to a How Many, and I still have the same result: I can get my variable to equal the NumericEntry data field (which also worked with the other survey type), but I don’t get the final Results.ScorePercent% to show (also as before). Any other suggestions?



Laurel Thomas

Thanks to everyone who is asking. I thought I was replying via email directly to Support -- didn't realize it was coming to this thread. I have attached my course. As I said, the set variable to a numeric entry is working, but no the reporting of that number to the results score.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Laurel

is it this score that isn't registering on the result slide? It has a default value of 100, so any triggers you have that change that figure will be added to the 100 - is that correct?

I don't see that variable referenced on the result slide or any trigger relating to it.


Sorry, maybe I misunderstand the issue.


Laurel Thomas

I want to set the results score equal to the variable Score. (It starts at 100% and will go down if the learner selects the wrong answers.) It won't ADD, I want it to be the same. I've tried setting the variable equal to a How Many data entry field, and that works. It's the next step - getting the numeric entry to be the results score - that is not working.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laurel,

The variables %Results.ScorePoints% or %Results.ScorePercent% can't be adjusted with triggers or other variables, as they're created automatically based on the quiz within Storyline and the scores added to each question. 

The method Alyssa suggested earlier was to pass a variable value to your LMS, but that variable won't reflect the "Score" calculated by Storyline or used in your LMS. 

Lesli Baar

I've been struggling with something similar to Laurel. I have a course where the score starts with 100 and for each question the user gets wrong, they get negative points. 

I created a variable titled total points. Then I created a variable for each question that deducts the points from the total points for each wrong answer. 

Once the score dips below 80,  the user sees the results screen. 

On my results screen, I have my 'total points' variable.   

I've set up a Scorm Cloud account to test it more easily than uploading to our LMS. The last time I tested it, the Success says Passed, even though I failed it. Under Score it says Unknown. 

How do I get the LMS to recognize whether the user passed or failed, and what the score is?

I've attached a scaled down version of my course.

Lesli Baar

The suggestions posted here did not work for me. Maybe it's because of updates to Storyline since the suggestions were made. (This thread is several years old).
I did figure out a fix, and I'm posting incase it can help someone.

I added a GRADED question rather than a SURVEY question. I added it to the beginning and set the score for the correct answer to 100.  I created a trigger to auto populate the score as discussed here and I also hid the page with the triggers as discussed here - but since it's graded, I had to add the triggers to the Correct feedback layer as well. When it runs, the screen flashes, so I added a white rectangle to go over the entire slide to hide the content. In the attached sample, I made it semi-transparent so you can see what I did.

For each of the questions, I scored the incorrect answer with negative points and correct answers with 0 points.

Prior to realizing that my course would not report my scores to the LMS correctly, I had created variable (TotalScore) to show a score at the top of the page that decreased with each incorrect answer. For each question I had a variable that subtracted from the Total Score. I kept those variable, but they possibly could have been done with some built in triggers - not sure.

I displayed the Total Score variable on the results slide in addition to the percentages shown by default on the results slide.