Passing things into storyline 2 and receiving them out

Mar 18, 2015

Hello all,

I was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction here.

I have a custom front end that users login to, along w/ a launch button that launches the course.  In the course the students take a quiz. After they complete the course they are directed to a new page that has a few different options based on the score they receive.

I understand the javascript side of things, how to make the triggers - as far as ajax call and whatnot - So here are what id like to do and the specific questions:

1. Pass some type of data into the launch of the storyline 2 course (for example, the users name) then use that variable inside the course.

If I have a variable named userName What needs to happen for storyline to see that variable?

2. capture the results of the quiz

My goal is the save the quiz results in a database - I have the ajax working fine on a trigger - Im looking for how to grab the quiz results and either pass them into javascript (or can I just make a JS call to grab them?) so I can store them.

3. get data out of the course.

Nothing fancy here - lets just call it a button that launches a URL - is there any way to customize that URL - if not - lets put a javascript trigger that pops a URL - how do I access the storyline vars in JS.





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Nicole Legault

Hello there Rob!

Although we don't support Javascript, we do offer some best practices and examples, so you might get some good insights about working with Javascript and Storyline from this page:

Additionally, here are some related forum discussions on this topic that might help:

Best of luck! :)


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