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I am still in the learning mode for Storyline 2. I have a 50 question quiz that my managers have to take on our Operations Manual. Is it possible to "lock down" the course with a password? I need their supervisors to type in the password before the manager can take the test (perhaps on the first slide).

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How about a layer with an input box.  When slide starts show layer.  the trigger to close the layer is dependent on the input matching whatever you choose for the password.  I have done this to override completion when I dont want to go through the whole course as a student to see the completion slide.


Kevin Thorn

Did you get what you needed here, Barry?

There's another way to "trick" the input box. Since you know what the password will be there should only be a few selected keys to press on the keyboard. If so, try this.

  • Create a rectangle shape. Blank white
  • Add a State for each letter in the Password
  • On each of the States, add one sequential * character
  • Add a trigger for each key in the password that gets pressed to change the state of the shape.

No input box and no variable to keep up with. 


A LOT more can be built onto this, but fundamental layout and structure is there. For instance, this example ONLY accounts for the password to be typed correctly. Any other variation would need to be built onto this to evaluate a mistyped or wrong password.

Good starting point though. Hope this helps (attached)

Kevin Brake

I would like to add my sample to the list, please note my concept to hide the characters with stars did require the first slide to have imported a flash object.  This attached sample is pure Storyline 2 and does not require any special coding.


Christie Pollick

Thanks so much for your contribution, Kevin, and I see that you shared a similar solution over here in this thread (just wanted to link the 2 for anyone following along). And for those looking for additional ideas, here is an older thread that has some additional ideas that may be of interest to those looking to password protect their course. :)

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nursultan,

This discussion is a bit older so I'm not sure if folks like Barry are still subscribed here. You could always use the Contact Me button on his profile to reach out.

Or, if you'd like to share a bit more about your course, how it's set up and what you're looking to accomplish I suspect the community would be able to weigh in and share some other ideas!