Pause base timeline and video + precedence order of triggers

I am running a video on a slide and I have pop up quizzes that appear at certain intervals as the video plays. When the quizzes appear I set the following triggers:

(a) I pause the video

(b) I show an empty layer that has the 'pause base layer' option selected in the layer properties to stop the base timeline of the base layer.

(c) I show the layer of the quiz question etc...

During review I was getting comments that lead me to believe that the base layer was not pausing. I put a series of circles on the base timeline at 5 second intervals to see if they would stop flashing when the command was triggered to pause the base layer. They did not stop flashing indicating that the base layer was not stopping when the blank layer was displayed by the trigger.

My questions are (1) is there a bug and a fix in the latest update for this - assuming it may be a bug and (2) Does the precedence order of trigger commands execute top to bottom or vice-versa? I'm concerned that the command may be getting cut off by a hide this layer command before it gets the chance to execute.

Best, Steve

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Walt Hamilton

If the quiz layer stops the base timeline, it could handle everything by itself, including pausing the video. Hiding the quiz layer would start everything running again automatically.

FYI, the triggers execute top-to-bottom. Pausing the timeline, or showing layers does not effect them, but jumping to another slide cuts them off at the trigger that jumps.