Problem (?) with base layer and slide layer

Mar 08, 2016


I created groups (a list) on a base layer.

When I click on these groups, slide layers (explanations) appear.

I also created flashing arrows (with other slide layers) which appear when the timeline of the slide layers (explanations) ends.

No problem with this.

BUT : when I click on a group (list) BEFORE THE BASE LAYER'S TIMELINE ENDS , there is a bugg.

 The corresponding slide layer (explanation) disappears before it ends and the flashing arrows appear not correctly. I added triggers "stop media of the base layer" in the slide layers. But the problem stills remains.

Does anyone of have an idea to solve this problem?

Attached: abstract of my articulate project (3 slides, the problem appear slide 1.2).




Please find attached abstract of the file.

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Chris Cole

Hi Christophe. A couple of suggestions:

  • I think you don't want to allow the learner to click a group and see an explanation layer at all until the base layer has completely finished, right? If that is correct, add a hotspot to the base layer that completely covers the groups. Place the hotspot at the beginning of the timeline and have it disappear just before the end of the timeline on the base layer. Turn off the Show Hand Cursor on Hover option for the hotspot. Make sure the hotspot is on top of, and not under, all of the layers. The hotspot is invisible, so the learner never knows it is there. Since it has no trigger, nothing happens when the hotspot gets clicked. The hotspot acts as a mask over the top of the groups and blocks the learner from being able to click on the group, until the hotspot disappears at the end of the base layer timeline.

  • If you do the above, then you don't need the triggers to stop the audio on the base layer as the audio on the base layer will have already played.
  • You don't need the triggers on your layers to play the layer's audio. It will play automatically when the layer's timeline starts since you have each audio file located at the start of the layer's timeline.
  • Just a minor housekeeping thing... you could simplify your flashing arrow setup by using a an animated flashing arrow swf file - there are a gazillion free ones on the internet.  Then you don't have to jump back and forth between layers to make the arrow flash. :)

Hope this helps.


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