Show layer by selecting graphic only after timeline ends on base layer

Jan 06, 2021


I have a training where I have a base layer with audio for each slide. Some slides have additional layers with more audio and text. However, I need the base layer to complete all audio before the user can see and hear the text and audio on the next layer/layers. 

I currently have "When the timeline ends on this slide- show layer Star Tip if the state of the Star=Selected"  When previewing, this works if you select the star before the timeline ends. However, if you click the star after the timeline ends, you do not get switched over to the star tip layer. I've attached an example of this. 

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Walt Hamilton

There are a lot of reasons to think it is more reliable to use "When media completes" than to use when timeline ends for a construction like yours. I wonder if you don't just want to "Show layer when media [audio] completes".

If not, set Star's initial state to Hidden. Create a trigger to "Change state of Star to Normal when media completes", and one to "Show layer when user clicks Star".

Suzanne Wicklund

Hi Walt! 

Thanks for the feed back. I thought of doing a "show layer when media [audio] complete" but the issue is the base layer slide everyone needs to hear before continuing on. The Star Tip is something they can see and listen to, but will not be required before moving on. 

I will try your suggestion and see if it works- thanks!