Pause button disappears on seekbar during slide layer revisit

Feb 16, 2016

Hello everyone,

Looks like this topic has been beaten to death, but this specific issue I've been unable to find in the discussions. Hopefully, someone can shed some light on my situation.


  • Slide has multiple layers with seeking enabled on all layers
  • Pause and play button on seekbar work all day the first time you view a layer
  • IF you let the timeline end on any layer and then come back to revisit this layer again without leaving the slide entirely, the pause button disappears only showing the play button (that's the big issue), the slide plays but the scrubber doesn't animate unless you click the play button, and clicking the play button doesn't pause the already playing timeline and doesn't show the pause button.


Current slide properties:

reset to initial state, advance by user, seekbar enabled

Current layer properties:

reset to initial state, hide other slide layers, allow seeking (Yes)


Onscreen play/pause functionality is not an option for this project, it must be done with the seekbar. I've had this issue many times in the past but the other client's weren't concerned. Also, this is not an HTML5 specific issue as the same results are achieved when published without these settings and viewed as flash. 


Please note that this is not related to audio or media. The attached SL file has only on screen shapes drawn in SL that pop up at 1 second intervals to demonstrate the timeline's continuous progression on revisit.

Attached is the exact set up I have in my client's file which demonstrates the issue.


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Brett -- Many thanks for verifying that is indeed the behavior you are experiencing, and I was able to reproduce the same behavior in a test file, as well. It looks as though a similar issue (as described in this post) has already been reported to our QA team, so I will be sure to add your post to the ticket so that any additional updates or information are shared here as soon as they are received. 

In the alternate post I suggested, it looks the the following potential workaround was offered by Dinoji Indrasenan:  

"I may have found a work around for this bug:

In the timeline of the layers that you'd like to reset, adjust the length of time that the objects appear on screen, so that they end just before the timeline ends.  Worked for me! Let me know if this works for you."

Perhaps that will be of some assistance, or there may be others in the community with additional ideas they can share. 

Brett  Schlagel

I appreciate the help and the suggestion. That workaround I can't use unfortunately as I have on screen text that must stay up until the user moves to the next topic/layer. I can use a pause timeline at cuepoint just before the timeline ends, however if the user uses the scrubber they can fly past that point and the issue still remains. 


Thanks again for looking into this! Hope to hear something soon!

Brett  Schlagel

Hey Chiranjib. I never received any sort of fix for this issue.


What I ended up having to do was break the layers up into individual slides and set triggers to jump to each slide. This may or may not be a viable solution depending on your project.

It was a real pain due to the amount of layers in the slide I put together, but I was able to at least get the project completed without sacrificing the end-user experience.

Probably not the answer you were hoping for but hopefully this helps in some way. Thanks!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chiranjib,

Thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry that you ran into this bug with hitting the rewind button and how that works on layers. We have reported it to our team, and continue to keep an eye on it to evaluate how many customers are impacted and what impact it has on courses. The number of customers and depth of impact are two of the elements that help us prioritize bugs and fixes.

Here's some more detail about how we tackle bugs. I'm really sorry that I can't say if this issue will be fixed but you're in the right place to stay updated on this bug's progress. 

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