My seekbar does not play in layer if I revisit the layer in Storyline2?


Have anyone experienced this in Storyline 2? My seekbar does not play the second time I revisit my layer. I have set my layer to reset to initial state, when revisiting, but the seekbar does not play along with the timeline the second time, I show the layer. I only experience the problem, if you complete the layer the first time (timeline ends), close the layer and then want to see the layer again. Is this a bug in Storyline 2 or am I missing something here?

Thanks for any help :-)


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michael wylegly

Hey Leslie,

I recently came across this bug as well, and seeing as this is a pretty severe one (it locks a user from the functionality of the interface), would you be able to let us know when you will know something?  It seems like a pretty consistent trend that bugs and issues that don't get resolved.

Our current project relies heavily on slide layers, and I fear for our learners if they are getting locked out of such important and basic functionality.


Metrix Group 1

Hi all,

I was able to find a work-around for this issue, but it requires the layer to close automatically. 

1. There should be no slide triggers. Create a trigger to hide the layer when the timeline ends, but target the trigger to one of the objects on the layer, rather than the layer itself.

2. None of the objects should end when the timeline ends. Since the trigger created above will cause the layer to hide when the object ends in the timeline, ensure that ALL objects on screen end just before the timeline ends.

If the auto-hide functionality is not preferred for the layer, a solution might be to extend the timeline a few seconds after the audio ends (if applicable), giving the learner some time to close the layer on their own.

See attached screenshots for reference. Hope this helps!