pause not working on base layer

Dec 13, 2018

Hello, I am having trouble figuring out the PAUSE on my base layer. I have a base layer that immediately tells the first layer to appear when the timeline starts.  I have three layers with their own timeline, but I want the base layer to be the main timeline.  But when I set up the other layers, I can no longer pause the base layer.  I don't know how I should set up the layer properties so I can have the base layer's timeline and allow the slide to be paused at any time.

The slide I am having trouble with is 1.3 TS-1

On the slide prior to this one, I can pause the slide, but the subsequent layers start their timeline over.  I want one main timeline that I can pause at anytime.  Can't seem to figure out how to get both.  Can you please help me with this?

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Crystal Horn

Hey Anne-Marie!  I just want to make sure I understand your goal here.  Do you want each layer to have an individual timeline to scrub through?  Or do you just want one master timeline that runs from the base layer, even while the other layers are shown?

To allow seeking on each layer will create timelines for each that are independent of the base layer timeline.  That means that when on a layer, you won't have any control over the base layer timeline.  Looking at the setup of your file, it appears that the layers on 1.3 automatically reveal themselves once the media on the subsequent layer completes.

Tell me a little more about what you need to control on the base layer timeline during that process.

Crystal Horn

Gotcha, ok.  Here's your options with this setup:

  • You can have the seekbar restart with each layer, and that will allow the learner to play/pause the layer, including audio.  Your layer properties will need to be Yes to allow seeking, and Pause the timeline of the base layer.  This setup ensures that each layer audio can be paused because it is synced up to layer's timeline.  I realize that visually you prefer a continuous seekbar rather than the restart.

  • If you only want one seekbar that doesn't appear to restart, you'll need to move all the layer contents to the base layer.  You can do this, but it will take a redesign of using state changes to hide and reveal those different layer elements.

Why is this the case?  Audio is synced to the timeline where it lives.  If audio is on the base layer, it will be synced to the base layer timeline and controlled by the play/pause button and seekbar on the player.  If audio is on a layer, however, it is controlled by the layer timeline.  If the layer doesn't allow its own seeking, the seekbar won't control the layer timeline.

Let me know your thoughts!

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