Pause/Play button question?

May 03, 2012

I'm full of questions today.

Does anyone have the code to add to a button to make it emulate the Play/Pause button in Articulate.

I have been able to stop the audio, but would like to make a universal button that would stop and start the entire timeline.

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Jill McNair

I've set up the manual Pause/Play button configuration in a project I'm working on using Steve's directions using the isPlaying variable.  I can now pause and play, but it stops the progression of layers on the slide.  For example if a slide has 3 layers that automatically play, and a person pauses while on layer 1; when they hit Play -  that layer will finish, but the other layers will not play.

Not sure why this is happening.  Anyone have any ideas or can tell my how you have solved this or what you have done as an alternative?
I'm using 100% custom navigation in this project...the player is turned off completely.
Thanks in advance for any ideas or answers.
ahssan moshref

So right now I can click on the video itself and it pauses and when I click on it again it plays. This is Storyline default settings.

I was hopping a play/pause button would pop up with it to indicate action feedback.

Sinchu there is an alternative way I just worked out. Its a bit more work:

 I am adding buttons and applying triggers, to pause and play video and hide and make the button visible.

Each button will have a transparent surface to cover the entire video area. There is no scrubber yet and I have to see if i can figure that out.

There are alternatives to that as well.

ahssan moshref

Ashley you are a life saver.
I was yesterday asking in the forum and people were saying that it was not possible and I was thinking there should be a way.
How come the articulate developer and designers did not think of that.
I guess there are so many tabs and features in all different directions that I overlooked this option.

I spend a lot of time creating something that I don’t need cause this ROCKS.
thank you very much.


Jacob Hayslett
Steve Flowers

And this is a better illustration of the "Master Variable Listener" I referred to above:

This one is two slides. On the first, it shows how the master slide controls the base timeline. On the second, stuff is on the master and the base slide. The second one illustrates how they are in sync and both control the pause / play.

Very nice job! I am editing a module that was built in Articulate Storyline 1 and this helped me out greatly! It also taught me a few lessons on variable coding.

Thank you!

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