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Simon Perkins

Hi Maggie

- create a new layer called "Paused" > set it (via the little properties cog) to Pause timeline of base layer (and keep other settings default)

- on base layer: add trigger that launches "Paused" layer when timeline of "Caption 2" starts

- on base layer: add trigger that hides "Paused" when user clicks on "Caption 2"

This will play the base layer > show "Paused" layer when "Caption 2" displays > and hold it there until user clicks "Caption 2" > whereupon it will return to the base layer (and its timeline will continue)

Maggie Cowan

That's what I initially thought to do, but I don't have the option of triggering anything when an object appears on screen.  "When timeline of caption 2 starts" is not an option in my trigger panel.  I can only trigger something when the slide's timeline starts.  That's why I'm stuck!

Chantelle N

FYI - I ran into a problem while attempting to do this. I can get it to work, but I noticed that when my button appears, although the video layer does pause, I am able to click not only the "continue" button, but also the video itself on the base layer to get it to continue.

I'm not sure if this is an option I can change or not, but I couldn't find an easy way to fix it other than checking the option on the properties for the Pause Layer to "prevent user from clicking on the base layer", and then adding a duplicate button on the Pause Layer. Then I added a variable to the button on the second layer so that when it is clicked, the button on the first layer will be hidden as well (since I have to have the button on the first layer to get it to initially trigger the second layer to show).

Is there something I missed that would make this easier?