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I have a project where on slide 1.9 I have multiple audio files. I have a main intro audio and then I have it where you click on the hotspots, other audio files will play. When I preview the project, the main audio continues to play as I click on other hotspots and that audio plays. Is there a way I can have all of these audio files pause while other audio files are playing so not to overlap each other? Do I have to set triggers for every single audio file to pause? B/c if so, that would mean I'd have to set a trigger to pause audio 1 while audio 2 and so on are playing and do that for 12 audio files. Does anyone know of an easier way? I've attached the file so you see what I mean. 

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Wendy Farmer

Hey Amanda

you could put each audio file on its own layer and call them when the user clicks the respective hotspot. On each layer have the 'pause base timeline' option selected.

Just try it with the base layer and a couple of layers to see if that's how you want it to  work.

The audio on the layer would play automatically when the timeline starts, but the audio on the base layer would pause because you are pausing the base layer timeline. When the layer closes, whether that is the user clicking close or you could set it to 'hide layer this layer when media completes (audio file), the base layer audio will resume.

Amanda Green

Ah! I hadn't thought of that. That is a good idea. DO you know if there is a way I can copy and paste the audio to the layers? Or a way i can save the audio files? THis was a long editing job and hoping not to spend those hours doing that again. 

Thank you so much for your help!