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May 23, 2019

How do I use a variable and two triggers to prevent audio from playing again when revisiting a slide?  I have a slide that has audio and 4 objects for the user to select. When they select an object, it takes them to a new slide to learn about a topic.  Once they are finished, it loops back to the initial slide so that the user can select another object to learn more.  I want the audio not to play each time the slide is been re-visited.  Help.

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Brian Allen

Hello Linh!

I normally accomplish this by creating a slidenumbervisited T/F variable with a default value of "False".

Just to keep things simple I'd probably add a trigger to set the slidenumbervisited variable to "True" so many seconds into your timeline of the slide.

I set a slide level trigger to play the audio at the beginning of the slides timeline, with a condition to only do so if the value of the slidenumbervisited variable is False.

Now your audio will only play if the condition is met that the variable value is False, otherwise it will not play the audio.

Let me know if this doesn't make sense, or if you'd like to talk through it a bit more.

Brian Allen

Here's an example (attached SL360 file)... Let me know if you have trouble deconstructing this.

Essentially you need to:

  1. Create a T/F variable, default value of FALSE
  2. Set a trigger for your audio file to play at the beginning of the slide's timeline, with a condition to only do so if your T/F variable = FALSE
  3. Set another trigger to change/adjust the value of the T/F variable to TRUE when your timeline reaches 1 second (or whatever you feel appropriate).

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