Pausing audio in HTML5

Hi friends. 

Just came across this problem (possible bug) and wondered if anyone knows of a work around.

My audio files don't seem to pause in the HTML5 output. 

I have attached a copy of the .story file for anyone interested to check out.

You can imagine the problems it may cause if you have an audio file that spans multiple minutes in duration.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Greg -- I appreciate your patience. Unfortunately, I am running into issues with testing your file, and in order to get you the assistance you need as quickly as possible, I would like to ask that you submit your case/file for further review with our Support Engineers. Please use this form, and I will be on the lookout for your case to follow along. Many thanks. :)

Greg Taylor

Hi Christie,

In a strange turn of events we discovered that the buttons behave in the opposite manner once we viewed the output online. 

In summary:
Both the stop and pause buttons stopped the audio with the offline HTML5 output.
Both the stop and pause buttons paused the audio with the HTML5 output when it was put online.

As we only care about how the course behaves online we were able to change the trigger on the 'Stop' button from "stop playing the media" to "Jump to slide (itself)". This acted as a fake stop button and provided us with a solution.

There is obviously still problems with the way these triggers function in HTML5 however the work around has solved my problem.

Thanks for the prompt follow up.

Cheer - Greg