Pausing Causes All Layers to appear

Aug 12, 2019

I am having a problem where layers are overlapping when the slide is paused.

Layers: Video 1 & Picture 18
Slide: 2.2 Q8
I had to delete scenes since this is work being done for a customer with IP.

What is supposed to happen (StorylineNoOverlap.JPG):
When the video ends the slide transitions to the static image. When the slide is allowed to play all the way throughout (without pausing), the transition seems to flow smoothly from a video to the static image.

What is actually happening (StorylineOverlapping.JPG):
When the user pauses the video while Picture18 layer appears, the Video 1 layer appears in the background. This seems to happen mostly while playing and pausing the slide in Storyline and sometimes happens when reviewing it in Review 360.

I can't figure out why this is happening. I have other slides with similar settings that do not cause the layers to overlap.

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Corey Matlak

Thanks, Lauren!

My next question is why do all the layers appear when the item is paused?

For example, video 1 and card3c (the smaller items with the yellow outline) do not overlap and therefore, should not appear together at any time when the item is played. At the 15second mark, video 1 is suppose to "disappear" and then card3c appears.

Vincent Scoma

Hey Corey,

I went through your course as well but I wasn't able to replicate what you were seeing. 

Is this behavior still happening for you? If so, may I ask which version of Storyline you currently have? You can locate this in Storyline by clicking on the Help tab >> Then clicking on About Storyline. The version will appear on the bottom right corner of the prompt that appears: 

If you are not on the latest version, could I have you update Storyline 360 to see if the overlapping issue persists? 

Please let us know how this all works out! 

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