Pausing video to display an overlayed question

Jun 14, 2016

Hi, I have video synced to the timeline and have the video being paused automatically from a specific marker. The learner can then interact with objects that have been placed above the video at that point on the timeline before continuing the video. This is fine. However if the user drags the playbar, visible at the bottom of the window while the video is paused, (with the objects above the video showing on the timeline), then the objects may remain on the screen as the user continues to play the video. Is there a way of either:

a. stopping the learner from moving the playbar when paused?

b. Removing the objects placed on the timeline if the user drags the playbar?



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Kevin Harland

Hi Muhammad,  Nice workaround. One thing though, my layer opens when the marker is reached. The interactions can be used and the play bar is now inaccessible to the learner. However, how do I get the video to start playing again once the learner clicks to hide the layer with the interactions on it?

many thanks

Richard Hill

I've had success with starting the movie (on the main timeline) again with these settings in html5 mode.   When your layer timeline ends, the main one on the base layer will play again. I use this method here....   But it's only in HTML5. Oh and don't tell your layer to hide itself when timeline ends with a trigger on the layer.  It cancels out the command with the following properties.

Muhammad Nurul islam

You can add a trigger on the close button, to play video on or resume timeline when you close the layer. if you use resume time line You need another trigger to pause the timeline before that too. I assume the trigger to open the layer is accompanied with a trigger to pause the video , so the play video should work. But toy around a bit as there are no set solution to this (which make it fun). Hope that helps


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