PC vs MAC font issues

Jun 25, 2014

Hello Community,

So here is my Dilemma, We are working on a multitude of courses. Some are using PC  and others are using a MAC.  We are finding that are fonts size and format bold are not matching, example PC is Arial 9.5 MAC Arial 12pt font. Please some one help us with this issue it is causing some inconsistency with our courses published.

thank you all


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steve and welcome to Heroes! 

If this is happening with all your projects, there are a few things you'll want to check into:

  • Are you and your colleague both working with local project files? You'll want to follow the method here when sharing files for collaborating. 
  • What is the slide zoom set to for you and your colleague? you'll want to work at 100% zoom or else things may display different from computer to computer
  • Are you both using a DPI setting of 96 DPI as described here? 
  • Additionally, since some users are on a Mac, you'll want to review the best practices here. 

Please let us know once you're able to check into those items. 

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