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Jul 16, 2019

My client has a PDF file that has several links in it. 3 of them launch other PDFs. I cannot get those links to work at all. Tried multiple options of code, but the closest I get is a 404 error. Course is going onto an LMS and I was trying to use a relative hyperlink path in the PDF document to locate and launch the other PDFs that I placed in the Storyline external files folder.

Any thoughts? Can this option work?

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Matthew Bibby

I think the issue stems from the fact the links are inside the PDF, not the course itself.

I can reliably launch PDFs from Storyline using a relative path, however, once a PDF is open, I think it loses the perspective needed to pull this off.

I suggest uploading the PDFs to a server (or if you don't have one, set up an Amazon S3 instance and use that) where you'll be able to link directly to them. This also allows you to update the PDFs in the future without publishing the course.

And here is a tutorial which covers what Julie mentioned above, but I don't think it'll help in this case.

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