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Jul 08, 2014

I have created a question bank in Storyline and have the quiz drawing 25 questions at random. On the results slide it is set to show the percent and the passing score. I don't see an option for how the percent is displayed, currently it shows two decimal places, 84.66%

Does anyone know how to have the percentage show as a rounded number? Is that an option?

Thanks all.


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Shane,

Welcome to the community!

If you want the rounding for display purposes (not for what's being fed to an LMS), you may be able to "cheat" by using a text variable. I haven't tested this with a question bank, but perhaps it will be useful.

In the attached, I have a 3 question slide.

I've created a text variable named percent.

On the Results slide there are 4 triggers

One adjusts the percent variable to 100 if the Results.ScorePercent=100

One adjusts the percent variable to 67 if the Results.ScorePercent=66.66

One adjusts the percent variable to 33 if the Results.ScorePercent=33.33

One adjusts the percent variable to 0 if the Results.Score.Percent=0

Then you could turn off the default references. I've left them on in the slide...and the "fake" references are in red.

You could of course change these so that rather than "equal to" you'd be using if the Resuts.ScorePercent is between certain values.

Not sure this will work for you...but figured I'd post, just in case!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi All,

Robert, tx and tu for all the help you've been providing. And TOTALLY agree about this community.

Shane, I believe the LMS will receive the "not rounded" variables, but if you hide these, the Learners will see the rounded ones. If you have a chance and can post back to confirm or refute, that would be great!

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