Quiz - Score Percent

Feb 24, 2014

Hi All,

If on your results slide you reference Score Percent can you round it to the nearest percentage so rather than having 80.66% you would see 81%  ? I can't seem to see how to do it and, for various reasons, javascript will not be possible.

Thank you for any/all help/suggestions


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Harri,

I've done this w/out Javascript, but it does require more triggers. So, depending on the quizzes you have, and the number of questions, you may need to add several triggers.

For the project I'm working on, there are lessons w/ quizzes w/ 3 questions, 4 questions, 5 questions, and 6 questions.

I've created a text variable called percent.

On the results slide, I've placed triggers on the Failure layer that adjust the percent variable = to the rounded number when the timeline starts if the results.score.percent variable = the not rounded number

For example, the 3 question quiz has two triggers

Adjust percent variable = 67 when the timeline starts if Results.ScorePercent = 66.66

Adjust percent variable = 33 when the timeline starts if Results.ScorePercent = 33.33

I've also changed the reference on the Failure layer to the %percent% instead of the default.

Not sure if this will work for you, but it's working for us...the client is happy.