Persistence of Storyline variables

Happy New Year, Articulate community!

I have two questions:

Does anyone know if the value of a variable is saved when a user closes a story file and resumes later?

Can anyone suggest a way to duplicate a dropdown select list of countries (I can create pseudo dropdown lists already, but I'd like a neat way of getting people to identify exactly where they are from in the world).


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David Anderson

Hi Andrew -

Yes, Storyline's variables are persistent across sessions as long as you've enabled the Resume feature

Phil Mayor shared a good example of drop down menus along with a video tutorial:

Andrew Dunn

Thanks David.

What exactly constitutes a 'session'? If a user opens the file on a PC closes it, and re-opens sometime later on the same PC, in the same browser, can I assume the variables will persist?

I'm trying to do something where I send users to a different pre- and post-survey depending on their location and role. If they are in Canada, I want to capture their province, if outside Canada I want their country. I could ask the relevant questions in the surveys, but would need to repeat the questions in both surveys. If I capture the values in Storyline I can pass them through to the survey via the URL. It'll be neat if it works...