Need Dropdown functionality in storyline

Oct 23, 2012

Hello Everyone,

Can anyone help me out how can i accomplish this functionality in story-line, i am unable to find direct widgets for dropdown , and also now i know there is no direct solution for this, so any customized solution we have ??



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Neeraj Bohra

Hello Master (Phil),

I am creating a project in which , I need to offer a slideto users having 3 sections , each sections have 3-4 selection (radio buttons).Ineed to insert a result page after user selected all options on that slide 1 ,that result page show that what user selected in last slide in all sections ,Here is the lay out for this.


Neeraj Bohra

Again thanks for response !!

Truly speaking i am new in story-line , i was working on captivate before that, now i am on stage where i must finish the project.

I am hearty requesting you to please provide me a quick simulation on drop-down list (you prepared for me earlier) and for above request, through that simulation i can learn it easily.

Its a humble request from my side.



Neeraj Bohra. 

Maya Speights

The dropdown list mentioned in that screenr is great but I require the return of multiple selections.  I'm sticking with the checkbox or radial button idea but now have a new issue.

Why can't you select multiple buttons at once?  Do I have to make fake buttons or am I missing something?  Here is what I'm trying to accomplish and this thread is the CLOSEST i've seen to getting it done.  I would like to use the method mentioned above with the radial buttons, here are the details.

I  am building a questionnaire and already created variables for text box entries which work flawlessly.

I need to find a way to add the following functionality:

User needs to select area(s) they work within (this will make more sense if you continue to read). 

I currently have radial buttons set up next to text, then realized you can add text within the text box field but haven't done so yet as I don't know how this will work if at all. 

I NEED to be able to create a variable to return the information from any and all boxes selected to a results slide, mock results slide outline is:

Thank you %Name% for completing the quesstionnaire

%Name%, %Position% is now certified to work with

%????% (data pulled from checked boxes or other form of data gathering you think would work)

Thank you for %years% of services with COMPANY NAME.

The only reason I used radial buttons is due to the fact that even this drop down menu won't work unless multiple drop down options can be selected, it is still an option if you can provide brief text tutorial on how to build it.  I tried the single drop box option using the file provided to reverse engineer it and got stuck as I didn't know how you created custom states.  I searched for how to create custom states to no avail.  I think that will come in handy in the future.

Back to the project.  The Name, Position, and Years text results are working as planned, only need the %????% to be fully functional.

The buttons are also posing a problem as YOU CAN ONLY SELECT ONE?!?!?!  I am going to create a mock story with what I need and post momentarily if that will help.  I was doing really well until the buttons.

While i've got the super gurus on this posts attention.  I am also wondering if anyone has had success finding a way to track completion based on more than one results slide.  My current project is kind of a choose your own adventure.

About 20 slides of training.  A final page with two options one for individuals who do not need to "certify" another for individuals who do need to "certify.  I have a page with two buttons (triggers).  Those who don't need to certify are branched to a Thank you for completing training slide which needs to be tracked in our LMS that these folks took the training.

Part 2 of choose your own adventure is the certification process, user fills in data I have discussed at top of page, answers three questions.  If any of those questions are answered NO, the user is branched back to a page telling them to contact their manager and won't receive credit for taking the training at that time.  When they return, they select the option to "certify" enter the data go on to answer the three questions with YES answers and are then taken to a results slide thanking them for self certifying and has the text data they provided in the beginning. 

At this point, based on my initial research. We would be unable to track this properly in our LMS as Storyline only provides the option to track by number of slides viewed, OR ONE results slide.  So, our workaround at this point is I've made the certification process quiz and results into a separate file and we will post BOTH on our LMS that way managers can see who didn't take the training, who completed the training and who "certified". 

Anyway to keep that in one document?  We are afraid we will confuse folks if the "certify" button takes them back to the LMS menu, we will have a prerequisite set up so that the user has to take the training first.  And we will have some sort of text in the training stating clicking this button will return you to the main menu, please select "certification".  So, it will work, but it would be awesome to have a one stop shop.

I've typed a novel, but I think I've got the best group of folks assembled to tackle the tech behind the vision. 

This is time sensitive so I'm willing to try anything you can provide as I'm in production mode with this right now.

Phil Mayor

Multiple selections from a dropdown is possible but you would need a way of closing the drop down.

Radio buttons should never be used for multiselect because their very nature means they are single select only.  This is where you need to use checkboxes instead.

You could pass the user inputted answers into questions and this information would be insterted into the LMS

Phil Mayor

you can use radio buttons if you set each of them to their own button set, this is really not a good idea because most users expect radio buttons to work as single select only but it should work.

If you want the answers a user gives in your LMS, then you either use freeform questions to capture the information or, force the answers into hidden questions and then set s results slide.

Looking at what you are trying to do I would be tempted to use a tool like survey monkey instead or a google form

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Joy! Did you know that Storyline has a built-in Sequence Dropdown and Matching dropdown quiz questions? Would either of those options work for what you'd like to do?

If you were thinking along the lines of a single dropdown quiz question, you could likely convert the slide to a Pick One interaction and add a few variables and triggers to make it work. 

I'd love to hear how other folks in the community have set this up!

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