Phantom results slides?

Feb 25, 2016


We have a short test made up of several scenes. Our intent is to have the user see one results slide after finishing everything, but have that one results slide fed from sub-results-slides, each covering a scene. This is for our tracking via JS purposes (to see which sections the user had trouble with). Is there any way to make this work without the user having to see these results slides?

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Eric Petersen

So you want them to see the final, but not see the sub-results slides correct?  Have you tried re-designing the sub-results slides to move the "results" fields off of the stage/screen and instead make it look like the first slide of the next section?  Don't delete them just move them off the stage where they can't be seen.  The programming and variables would all still be there just not visible to the learner so the sub-results should be able to be passed to the final slide.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erez,

As Eric mentioned they do need to at least visit the slides to allow the triggers for the results variables and  execute the triggers. You can make them look however you'd like, and even have the slide jump to the next slide on timeline start ( just make sure that trigger appears after all the others) so that the user barely sees the slide or has a delay. 

Hope that helps!

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