Phantom Slide Advance Trigger

Apr 03, 2020

Hello there,

I'm hoping someone can find out what's happening with a couple of slides in my Storyline 360 project because I'm at a loss.  I've attached the project file to this post to (hopefully) make the issue easier to diagnose.

There seems to be a phantom trigger in Slide 4.10 that has the Back to Scenario Menu button taking the user to Slide 4.11.  I don't have this trigger on the button, in fact, I have a trigger instructing the button to take the user to Slide 1.3 Main Scenario Menu.  My only thought is that it has something to do with the Submit Interaction trigger (the phantom jump doesn't occur when I delete the Submit Interaction trigger), but I have the exact same interaction elsewhere in my project, namely Slide 3.18, and the same Submit Interaction trigger works just fine in that slide.  I've tried deleting the Back to Scenario Menu button from Slide 4.10 and recreating the button with new triggers, but the phantom jump to slide 4.11 is still there, even with a new button.

I need the Submit Interaction triggers in their respective "Best Ending" slides as this indicates completion of the scenario to the LMS (Skillport 8.0) when the user exits the course, so eliminating that interaction doesn't work for me.  I just have no idea why that particular phantom trigger would exist in one slide (4.10) and not another (3.18).

Thank you in advance for any assistance!

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Walt Hamilton

The fact that when I hover over the trigger path in Story View, and the jump to 4.8 trigger doesn't highlight, makes me think it is a built-in trigger (see the attached video.) My best guess is that when you created the slide, and deleted the Correct and Incorrect layers, there was some sort of glitch. The built-in jump to next slide trigger from one of them  didn't get deleted.

The solution is to remove 4.8 from being the next slide to 4.11. In story view, move it under any other slide (like 4.7) until the little blue arrow appears to the left of the other slide title. You can get away with this only because you don't have any jump to next slide triggers on these slides. Once the phantom trigger has no next slide to jump to, it disappears. At least when I tried it, it went back to the beginning of the scenario.

Max Anderson


I'm running into this issue with phantom triggers also. I tried the move slide trick and it worked for one or two of the issues but not all. Between some slides, I would see up to 6 red arrows pointing at another slide! It is a bit maddening because even if I right-click and get rid of the link, it shows up again. I'm attaching my story to see if anyone can help me. Unfortunately, this is due to my client by Monday. Ugh.


Walt Hamilton

I managed to delete the extra triggers from Scene 3, and I think it may be working, but I think you have some SERIOUS corruption here. Personally, I would rebuild Scene 3 from scratch; Import the other scenes into a new project, and not reuse or copy anything from scene 3. I didn't do anything with the other scenes, and I only previewed scene 3.

You aren't grading or reporting this; if it still doesn't work, I would build the slides as regular, not quiz slides. Put a trigger on each wrong item to change its state to normal when dropped on an item that is off stage. That way, they can be dragged, and will return when dropped. Set the correct answer to change state to normal when dropped on the text box, and it will work just like it does now. Check scenario 3 in the attached story.

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Max,

Please be sure that you're on the latest update of Storyline 360. We did have an update that we corrected in Build 3.54.25674.0: 

Fixed: When duplicating question slides or importing them from a template, a hidden trigger could get added to the slides, causing them to be skipped in the published output.

We are currently on Build 3.56.26219.0 of Storyline 360. You can read all of the details here.

Nancy Sutton

I think this problem is what I am experiencing. I added a question slide to my project and several things happened. The most troubling is all the slides below it won't show on the Menu. I muted all the triggers but the navigation arrow is on the right (not like the rest of them), and the slides below will still not show on the Menu. How can I tell if this is still a question slide (how to check the properties of a slide. I have done that in right click properties, but I think this slide still has question properties)?  Thank you! 

I turned on the basic navigation and the right arrow is still there. 

Jose Tansengco

Hello Nancy, 

Happy to help!

You can tell if a slide is a question slide by clicking on it and looking for the word 'Question' and the presence of the 'Form View' tab in the upper right hand corner of the window: 

If you're trying to remove the right arrow from the Player, try disabling the 'Jump to next slide when the user clicks or swipes next' trigger in the slide, and unchecking the next buttons in slide properties.  

If you're experiencing issues with your course jumping to the next slide unexpectedly, would you be willing to share a copy of your project file here or in private by opening a support case so we can take a closer look at what's happening? We'll delete it when we're done testing!