Course not working properly

Jan 12, 2022

I have been working on course for a while now, and I'm running into an issue with branching.  I have a survey text entry slide that is required.  I have also built a "submit" button that is triggered to submit the interaction of the text. Along with another another trigger to jump to a different slide in the deck when selected. I was under the impression that I have the submit text interaction 1st, then jump to slide, but this way the course goes to the end results slide.  If I put the submit interaction after the jump, this allows the user to select submit prior to entering text.  I need to require the user to put text in the survey field.  How do I setup my triggers to submit the text entry, and still branch to my desired slide? 

Thanks in advance for any help! 


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Josh Dean

I may not have fully gotten what you are trying to do but one thing to double-check is that you don't have any auto-advance slides that are moving things along. The other thing you might consider to try is that a trigger changes the submit button from hidden to normal when the user clicks into the submit box. You might also add an if condition to the submit button that it only submits or goes back if the text box contains text. Good practice here would be to have a popup say why the button didn't work and remind the user to enter in text. Using javascript in the trigger you could even get the text value and determine the length if you require a certain length of answer. 

Sometimes with trigger logic like this you can also try setting up a variable like "submitting". Then when the button is pressed you can change this variable. Then you can set other triggers to happen when a variable changes.