"Next" slide after submitting Likert Survey- Go away little arrow!

Oct 17, 2012

I have a Likert survey at the end of my course. In Slide 2.1, I have the participants self-identify from two categories so that they are directed to the appropriate one of 2 surveys meant for them.  After they take their survey (either 2.2 or 2.3), they should be directed to a conclusion slide, 2.4. However, in the first survey (2.2), there is a tiny arrow that points to 2.3, which is the survey for the other group of participants. I have two triggers - one to submit interaction when the user clicks submit, and one to jump to 2.4 after user clicks submit button. I don't know why there is an arrow to 2.3, and sometimes, when published, it advances to 2.3. I also tried adding a Next button and a trigger that says to go to 2.4 when user clicks Next (even though they really shouldn't click Next, they should click Submit". 

My most recent publish, it worked fine, advancing to 2.4, but It would make me feel better if that little arrow wasn't there! any suggestions??

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