Pic one-pic many issues

Feb 13, 2015


I have two problems with the "pic one - pic many" freeform.

a. When i choose more the 1 try to for the learner to answer the question, and i run the quiz, if i choose the wrong answer at first, i simply can not get the system to recognize the correct answer, even if i pic it right, at the second time.

It seems as if the system does not clean its memory before the next try, and simply adds the next input to the previous one.
Does anyone have an idea how to solve it?

b. When i choose an object (as an answer), the object is highlighted with a pale border. this is done automatically by the system. How can i control this pale border (change color, width etc.)?

Thank you.

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Wendy Farmer



a.  If the reset initial state slide option doesn't work you can add a trigger to the 'Try Again' layer - change state of 'incorrect pick item' to normal when user clicks Try Again

b.  the object highlight is the selected state - you can change it here. Click Edit States highlight the selected object then make your formatting changes


Hi  Wendy,

I  changed the selected state of the buttons for something that sticks out, and it worked.

But regarding the "Try again" problem, your suggestion did not work.
I tried every possible way, based on your suggestion, but i could not solve it.

However, there is an awkward way to bypass the problem by clicking the highlighted buttons you clicked on your previous try, "resetting" the memory and only then you can pick your new choices.

Anyway, it seems to me that it should be done automatically by the system...


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