Pick many - how to only enable submit once 3 objects are selected?

Oct 09, 2014

Hi team!

I am trying to create a pick many quiz, where the learner must pick 3 (out of the 5) options before they can click Submit.

I created a variable that added 1 every time the learner selected an option, and then a condition that the select button was disabled unless the variable was = to 3. However, this does not work if the learner selects an option, and then deselects that option and makes another selection instead.

In this scenario, the 1 added from the first selection does not get removed, therefore, the total number count is at 4, even though there are only 3 objects selected!

I hope this makes sense! Can anyone help with this?

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Wendy Farmer

The first slide is a custom slide made up

The second slide is the quiz slide with the default submit button — in this instance I think you would need to 'turn off' the default submit button using the little cog wheel in the bottom right of the slide layers panel (deselect submit) then create your own submit button that has the same triggers as the custom slide.


1. start the custom 'submit' button state = hidden

2. SLIDE trigger --> Change state of submit button to Normal when variable (count) changes on condition (if count =3)

3. SUBMIT BUTTON trigger --> Submit interaction Pick Many when user clicks (submit button) when variable (count) = 3

Hope this makes sense

I don't know if there is a way to put the default 'submit' button into hidden state - am sure there is a superhero out there that may be able to

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