Pick many not using Freeform (3 of 4) - does anyone have a working example that doesn't rely on a 'too many' warning?

I am creating a bespoke scenario-based activity. The client has requested a 'pick 3 of 4' question. I'm using my own variables, so I'm not using freeform.

The difficulty I'm having is achieving functionality where, when a fourth option is clicked, it replaces the variable for the first, so it's not reliant on a 'you clicked too many!' warning. I have the states working as desired, but it's the 'count' aspect I'm struggling with. 

I have managed, with a similar question, to achieve this where they are required to select 2 of 4 using a T/F variable, but once I get to 3 of 4 and move to using an integer variable I can't get it to work when trying, amongst other things, 'Set varcount to 2 If varcount is 1', 'Set varcount to 3 If varcount is 2', 'Set varcount to 1 If varcount is 3' triggers, possibly because the triggers are referencing the same variable.

Has anyone managed this that wouldn't mind sharing how they did it?

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Walt Hamilton

You could try Add 1 to varcount if varcount < 3, but I suspect that there are a bunch of other changes you need to make, also. It would be easier to say for sure, if if you would attach your .story file here, and someone could look under the hood.

One thing I can say is that if you are using those three triggers in that order, the first trigger finds the varcount to be 1 and sets it to 2. Then the next one finds it at 2 and sets it to 3. The last one finds it at 3 and sets it to 1, so for all practical purposes, varcount never changes from 1.

Steven Chippendale

Thank you for the advice. While I compromised and went down the 'reset button' route, with your advice, I fixed the count issue. To do this, I changed the state of the button clicked when the varcount variable changed, then added an additional IF to the three triggers that update the varcount value for if the state of the button isn't NORMAL, this resolved it sticking at 1.