"Pick Many" quiz question

Feb 01, 2016

I could really do with some help with my quiz question.

Question outline:

  • 15 options with 5 correct selections
  • 1 correct answer in each line of 5 My Questions
  • Correct options have a green "selected" state and incorrect options have a red "selected" state.

My Questions

  1. How do I stop multiple selections in the row?
  2. How do I make it from recognising a unselect as response?
  3. I can not get selection to mark as Correct if the first selection was incorrect.
  4. I have 15 change state trigger in the "try again" layer. Is there an easier way to do this?
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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jane

set up the 3 buttons in each column as a button set. Highlight the buttons > right click > and select the button set option.  This allows for only one selection to be made in that group.  Click the first one it will show selected, click the second one, it will deselect first option and select the second option.

If you make that change to start with, it might solve a few of the other issues.

Feel free to upload the updated file when that's done if it's still not working correctly.

Note: working with grouped items can sometimes be tricky, I personally save the group as a picture and then import it back in and do state changes on the picture for Normal, Selected etc.

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