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My question is related to scoring a (single) pick many quiz on the results slide.  In this case I have created a slide where the learner will pick 18 correct responses of a possible 60 total responses. The Correct and Try Again layers work perfectly but when it comes to the result slide, by 'Your Score' it always registers a score of 0 and 0%, regardless of the result. How can I change these variables?



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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Hugh!

How are you publishing and viewing the content? Are you publishing for HTML5 and seeing the 0%? You may find that the quiz score displayed on the result slide in HTML5 output is always 0% if you've turned off Correct feedback on question slides.

This issue was corrected in Update 2 for Storyline. To take advantage of the new features and fixes, download and install the latest version of Storyline from the link in your product confirmation email, or get it here. Then republish your Storyline project.

If you're not publishing for HTML5, or the update doesn't solve this problem, are you able to share your .STORY file here or send it to us privately?


Hugh Cartwright

Hi Christine,

Thanks for replying so quickly. I just downloaded the demo a few days ago (really liking it so far - used Studio 09 and this is a HUGE step up). Given the fact that I'm using a demo, I might have to wait for a couple of weeks for when I buy the license to download the update.

So, thus far I have only been viewing the content in Preview and not published (I will eventually publish it via LMS and possibly web with HTML5) so I'm not sure if HTML 5 has an effect at this point. I'm completely new to Storyline, but I'll be honest, I've found everything to be really intuitive to this point and this is the first problem I've not been able to solve (can't say the same for Cp). I'm sure it's something simple that I'm not seeing in the variables.

I've attached the scene in question for you (and whoever) to take a look.

Thanks again,


P.S. This is a completely separate issue and I'm happy to re-post in a more appropriate thread, but since I've got your attention: I've got the counter to work great as long as the learner doesn't decide to change a choice they've made and 'unclick' said choice. But I figure there's got to be an easier way to have the counter correct itself rather than writing in 60 separate triggers that 'subtract 1' when the state changes back. Again, I'm new and I'm probably missing something obvious.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Hugh,

First - I really like this. It's simple, but very effective. Happy to say, I passed on the first attempt

I'm afraid, however, that I'm not seeing the same thing. If I pass, I get the 100% or corresponding result, if I fail, I receive the correct percentage for whatever answers I choose incorrectly/correctly, as well. The results seem to be displaying properly for me, so it does look like it may be an issue with the update to Storyline. 

Here's a published and uploaded version of the course. Are you seeing the same thing with this version?

If you see the results correctly in my uploaded version, I think the 0% may only have an effect on the preview of the course. If you stay with the older version of the software, you may continue seeing this - but I believe it will score properly once it's uploaded to a web server or LMS. Additionally, you can try publishing for CD and test it that way. Just be sure you launch the .EXE in the output.

Hugh Cartwright

Hi Christine,

Thanks for the encouraging words and checking this out for me.

I checked the published version of the course you sent. Good news is that the 'pass' slide is working (as your screen shot shows). Bad news is that I'm still getting '0%' and '0' next to 'your score' for the fail layer. As you said, I'll wait until I buy it, download the updates and then publish it. Feeling better that this is likely something that can be fixed on your end and not my inability to deal with variables.

Thanks so much,