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Jun 26, 2014


I have a question about the quizz result. I created a "pick many" quizz where the user has to select 2 boxes among 11. And I created a result slide on the following slide. 

But when, for exemple, the user select two boxes, one right and one wrong, he normally has 50% success. But on my result slide i see "your score" --> 0 points.

The result slide only display 10 points or 0 points but not 5 points. 

Does anybody can help me on this point ?

Thank you

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Greg Cannon

Storyline doesn't by default permit you to award half marks for getting half the question right (or perhaps more accurately expressed as being half wrong??). Half wrong is still just plain old wrong in the eyes of Storyline and I can see the logic in this, although I can also see where you're coming from!

You could still award half marks for only one answer being correct out of 2 but this would require the use of variables and a customised (user-created) results page, which if you are interested in giving the learner more accurate feedback about their performance but perhaps not so interested in feeding scored results back to an LMS (set to complete/incomplete instead of pass/fail) is a viable, but more time consuming, option! 

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