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Dec 04, 2013


I will try to be as clear as my english allows... 

I can choose on my first slide a character from four proposed (see image joined). Then, throughout the course, the chosen character will be present on all slides at the same place. How to do this without duplicating the course 4 times with a link to each character?

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Simon Perkins

Hi Eric

I did this recently by creating poses for all my characters and assigning them to named states for each instance that a character needs to appear.  

The other thing to do is use a variable to remember which character has been selected, e.g LearnerChar = 2 if the learner choose the second character.  Then, on each slide where you display a character, you use this variable to change the state of that character, e.g. If LearnerChar = 2 then change state of character object to John.

This enables you to have a single object "containing" all the images for each character.  You can even include multiple poses and assign them to states too, e.g. JohnWaves .. .JohnSmiles ... JohnTalking ...  

One thing I found helpful was to ensure ALL character images were the exact same size.  This ensured all characters, e.g. a small lady or a tall man, would appear clearly and accurately on the slide because they were 'contained' in the same size image file.  In other words, you might have a 100px by 300px man and a 75px by 200px woman ... but you should ensure the dims for those images are the same.

I hope that helps.

Knowledge Central .

Just want to find out, in the "pick one" category, can I just "tap/ click?" on the choice(s) given and it gives the correct answer (move on to another page) and if it's wrong, a "try again" box will come out? (All these actions to be done without the need to click on the "submit" button).

Need your help in this.


Thank you!

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