Pick one gap fill with multiple answers

Nov 08, 2014


I have built a pick one (free form) gap fill. I have a correct and incorrect button of the slide, which are then triggered with conditions from the variables. There are two gaps and a combination of answers can be right. I have put all the possible options into the triggers but when I put the correct answer in it tells me the answer is incorrect. Can I not have more than one option that is correct? I think I have done this before and it worked but I can't remember how I did it????

The correct answers are on the feedback slide and it can be a combination of them, so for example late payment and asking for a catalogue, or late payment and asking for a new catalogue etc

Can anybody help?

I have attached the slide.

Thanks in advance.


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Inka


have had a quick look..shouldn't this be a pick many not a pick one.  If you change the 'correct' answer in the pick one to 'incorrect' the opposite happens, every response is correct.


I think all your responses would need to be listed in the pick many- sorry I don't have more time at the moment to look at it.  You can change from a pick one to a pick many by going to the Insert Tab > Remove Freeform on the Pick One, then Convert to Freeform and choose Pick Many.  Just make a duplicate slide in case before you change over.

I'm sure a SuperHero will come to your rescue...


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