Picture Border Issue in Storyline2

Jan 22, 2016

Greetings All:

I am a relatively new user of Storyline 2, and I have come upon an odd issue. I have a project in which I am consistently using borders around graphics of people. Most of the time these borders look fine, but occasionally they do not display correctly when previewed, thought they look fine in when viewed in the work area. The settings of the graphics with the borders that look fine seem to be exactly the same as those that do not. Any ideas why, or how to prevent this? 

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Wardell Keith Pomeroy

Hi All:


I have attached an example project here (pulled from what I am working on) that shows the issue. You will note the graphic on the fist page displays correctly in design mode, but once it is in preview mode it does not. The second graphic looks good enough and has the same settings. 

Cheryl Hoover

Good morning. 

I'm having the same issue intermittently on both jpg and png files. I don't normally use shape outlines, but I needed to for this project. I thought it might have to do with cropping, but it's happening on files cropped or inserted and resized. It's not visible until I preview. I reduced the border size from 7 to 3 and still the same issue. Here's a screenshot in preview. Notice how for some reason that lower right is being cut off. I tried another picture and it's doing the same thing (and only visible in preview).

Thanks for any ideas. 

Cheryl Hoover

Here you go. What I'm doing as a workaround is copying the original picture into PowerPoint, applying a border there, saving as a .png, and inserting that picture. That way I don't have to deal with the borders/outlines in Storyline. You should be able to see the disparity in the middle pictures and in the second from the left bottom picture. I tried png and jpgs, cropping inside of Storyline or outside, and it doesn't seem to matter.

I don't know if this makes a difference, but I believe it's happening both with picture borders and with shape outlines. The sample I sent is only with picture borders.

Thanks very much!

Cheryl Hoover

fyi Karla gave me instructions for a workaround. I had to Save As and save the picture, delete my original picture, and insert the new one. I didn't test "change picture" figuring that may not work. I'm not sure. I was concerned that some of mine were objects with picture fill, but they all ended up being pictures. I think that made it easier.

Thanks for opening a ticket for me. Karla was super prompt, and my project is fixed. Have a great weekend!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Jacqueline - This looks to be something we could not reproduce and Cheryl is the only one that reached out to our team for assistance. You can see the results of that conversation above and I'll link it here.

If this is something you are able to reproduce, we would certainly want to take a look. Would you be able to share privately with our team here? An NDA can be signed if needed.

Debbie Lamlech

This happens to me and my teammates all the time. It's extremely frustrating, it looks just like the examples shown here. All my images are .png files. The only solution we've come up with is add the borders outside of Storyline, but that is not practical when you are designing in SL and not sure how you want the slide to look. This adds time to development that we don't always have. My course has to go out as is, even though people are pointing this out to me since it looks bad. Is this fixed in SL 3? (I also cannot share files at my company).

Debbie Lamlech

Hi, I have cropped out some examples. The pictures were imported in, then I added a border within Storyline 2.0. The shapes are standard shapes in Storyline, as you can see one is missing the border on the right, one is on the bottom. The pictures either have a small white gap on only a few sides, or the whole image looks like it's not centered around the image. This happens to my whole team very often.

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