Picture placeholders in Storyline 360

Previously I've been frustrated by the inability of SL2 to allow custom picture placeholders, so was pleased to see that Storyline 360 offers "enhanced picture placeholders...can be any shape you like".

However I've not been able to see how I can build custom shapes - the functionality in 360 looks almost identical to SL2. In PowerPoint, you can edit points or combine shapes, but in SL I'm stuck - can anyone help?

For example, how would I create a right angle trapezium as pic placeholder? 

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Ian Wallbridge

Hi Ashley, many thanks for this.

This is a good step forward from SL2, but I don't see any way of creating or adding custom shapes, which would be really good.

A couple of 'looks' that I'm trying to replicate are attached - for the first of these (one that matches other corporate documents, and would therefore be a big win), whilst I can use the trapezium or parallelogram shapes, edit points on these are restricted. Both looks could arguably be constructed by the addition or subtraction of shapes. 

 Is there a way to allow the combination of shapes, or alternatively can you/we add to the shape catalogue in any way? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ian,

No way to combine the shapes and include the pictures within them, but I can definitely see the need for it in addition to adding to the shape catalogue. It's something worth passing along to our team in the form of a feature request for sure. Are you able to do the same in Powerpoint? If so, you could adjust it there and just bring that as a direct image into Storyline. 

Ian Wallbridge

Hi Ashley,

You can do this in PowerPoint (on either master or normal slide) and import to SL successfully, but this won't then act as a placeholder in the broadest sense - if you select the  'change picture' option, SL loses the created shape and reverts to straightforward rectangles.

I'll submit a couple of feature requests, one for the new shape (which hopefully will be straightforward) and one for the overall 'combine shape' option.

Update: I've submitted two requests as above, under feature request numbers 00956066 and 00956068

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thank you Ian for submitting those feature requests - since the picture placeholder only works in Powerpoint with the custom shape, you could look at adding the pictures within Powerpoint for the meantime and then importing those images directly into Storyline? Again - not ideal or perfect based on your needs, but hopefully an interim step.