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Oct 02, 2015

Hi, I'm a Storyline newbie.  I am watching a Storyline Youtube video that shows how to create your first slide.  The video records the steps for going to the Insert menu and selecting the Picture command.  The video shows an "Assets" folder containing images, which I do not have.  I've scoured my hard drive, but I do not have an Assets folder.  I just purchased Storyline 2.  Was it supposed to come with images?  I know I can import images from other sources, but I want to know if Articulate comes with images, and if so, can someone direct me to where they're stored?  I've already checked all the subfolders in my Libraries folder.  Thanks in advance.

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David Lindenberg

Hi Michelle. If the tutorial is one of the tutorials produced by Articulate (the company), they usually include practice file downloads.

See here:

The second paragraph has info about downloading practice files.

I believe most, if not all, of these videos can be viewed on YouTube too. So, if you found it by searching on YouTube, I can see your confusion as to finding the download files.

There is an entire set of Getting Started tutorials that are a great introduction to Storyline.

Hope this helps!

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