Placement of PREVIOUS button on last slide

When turning off the NEXT button on the last screen of a lesson, the previous button moves to the right where the NEXT button was, so if the user has left their cursor there and they click, they go to the previous screen....confusing. This happens if I turn NEXT off and also if I change its state to hidden.

I turned off the player and built custom nav buttons where I could control the placement. This also gave us more real estate/white space on the the screen for a nice clean and simple design, but then we lost the NOTES feature which we want to keep. 

Any way to keep the player buttons in the same positions regardless of disabling one?

(I see a discussion about this seven years ago but thought I'd see if anything has been added/changed.)

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Carrie,

This is one of those "what were they thinking!?!" items. It's hard to believe anyone ever thought it'd be okay to move the PREV button when NEXT is hidden. Maybe someday they'll fix that...

You could go to Slide Properties and turn off only the NEXT and PREV buttons. Your NOTES would still be available.


I sometimes do that so the user won't inadvertently click PREV. (And I provide a custom button for returning to previous content.)

Another option would be to change the state of the NEXT button to disabled. But, personally, I don't like that, since it implies there's a way to get it enabled and advance to another slide.  

Carrie Eaton

Yeah, these work-arounds each have their issues, too, don't they?? A custom PREV button will appear in the slide, not in the player, so it'll change positions on the last screen of each lesson........thinking, thinking, thinking....

So what if I leave the player on but turn off all options across the bottom and then build custom NEXT/PREV/CC for all screens.  I think should work. BUT WHAT A LOT OF WORK JUST TO DEAL WITH MOVING ICONS!

End of rant...thanks for the ideas, Judy.

(And anybody else seeing a possibility that I'm not?)