Placing questions in storyline video

I have Camtasia tracks I want to place into Storyline 2.  Each track demonstrates step by step procedures how to do something.  Once the learner reviews the demo, I want to replay the track, but stop the track at particular intervals, and place a question to answer within the track.  Once they click the correct answer, the track moves on.  Not sure how to do this and would appreciate help.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Glen!

One idea would be to direct the user to the "next slide" when they finish viewing the demo. This would be a duplicate slide, and you can insert questions as layers in this slide.

You can trigger the layer to show "when timeline reaches" and select the timing in which you want the question to appear. Then have a "correct" answer button, and set a trigger to "hide layer" when the user selects the correct answer.

Make sure when you add the question layers, to set the slide properties to "pause the timeline of the base layer" so it will stop playing until they choose an answer.

This would not be a questions that could be tracked for a quiz purpose, but just as a review for their own knowledge.

I am not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for, but attached is a basic file showing the layers coming in as questions.

hopefully others will share ideas as well!

Glen Meyer

Thank you so much.

I tried the technique used by Mike Enders but I find my video disappears when stopped on the time line. Might be using Camtasia is the problem. However, I like the interactivity of video and what it can do.


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Thank You

Glen Meyer


I see the layers and where you are going.  However, during my tutorial I want the leaner to click on specific sections in the video, that if they click on the the correct icon, the video starts and stops when for the next interaction.  

I think I would have to trigger the learner back to the video from a layer, allow them to click on a hot spot on the video that triggers the correct response by re-starting the video, and continue to the next layer.  Does that make sense or am I on the wrong track?

Emily Ruby


I think I get what you are looking for. Hotspots would be the way to go if you need them to click on the video itself. When you add in the layers to appear, just make sure you set it to pause the timeline of the base layer so the video stops. Whatever you use to trigger the layer to hide, will let the base layer resume again.