Plateau/SuccessFactors - AICC Courses not completing :(

Jun 01, 2012

I am having some issues where my Storyline classes in AICC are not marking as complete.

Before publishing, I set up the classes to 'Complete if X of Y slides are viewed'.  Is there something I should do in the system to make them work?

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Susan Camacho


Seems you have the completion working which is great. I am having trouble with receiving object score data. Item completes, package has a mastery score at Item and Content level, object data showes times attempted, and total time, however no score.

The package itself is set to complete with a 90 % on a results slide of various questions.

I'm on SF/Plateau 6.2.3. Any thoughts or information. ?


Alanda Pettit

I am having issues with my course reporting to our LMS--SuccessFactors. I am linking to index_lms.html, tracking is set to PASSED/FAILED, and the LMS output option is set to AICC. Everything else works. Could the content object be set up incorrectly or possible some setting not marked in the LMS? I do not set up the courses in the LMS but have been the one researching the resolution. I am attempting to test in the Cloud. Have never done this before and hope that however I do it I do it correctly. Any advice will be most appreciated!

Eric Nalian

Hey Alanda,

Isn't SuccessFactors just peachy to work with

Just a couple questions and other points to check - hopefully we can troubleshoot.

  1. When publishing - You have the course to complete either when X slides are viewed or when the learner receives a score of X?
  2. In SF on the Summary page for the Content Object - you have the 'Content Object is Active' and 'Content Object is online' boxes checked?
  3. For the Content Object - in the Launch Method tab, is AICC selected?
  4. When creating the item - Online (or Scheduled and Online) must be selected
  5. In the item - in the Online Content section - When clicking on the 'Edit Content Object' you do not need to check any of the boxes for 'Mark this object complete when launched' or 'Record learning...when passed/failed'
  6. Under Settings/Modify Settings - the two checkboxes must be selected and Completion/Failure status must be selected as well

Hope this helps :)

Eric Nalian

Jirik Hynst

I have also been tasked with getting AICC to work with SuccessFactors.  A few team members gave up and passed it over to me.

When launching the item I receive the following message.

Error Message

After clicking Ok or Cancel it will then allow the content to be completed, but without credit being assigned.  I have checked the suggestions from Eric above.  Any ideas?

Glen Murdock

I'm currently working with Storyline content hosted on an external server in our old LCMS (ForceTen) connected via AICC wrapper to SuccessFactors Learning, and it's

We're very glad to be making the transition to iContent with SuccessFactors, as it's solving a LOT of our numerous (cross-domain generated) issues. I'll keep an eye on this thread to see if I can help any - it's been a long uphill battle getting everything working properly.

In answer to Alanda, Storyline does a pretty good job of ensuring the right information is passed to the LMS API (the API does the communication between the content and the LMS) but in SuccessFactors especially you need to verify that all the little checkboxes are ticked when they need to be, and unticked when they don't need to be! It's one of the biggest frustrations that the LMS isn't smart enough to read our thoughts - ha! But I'd bet a pound of apples that the error is LMS-side, and not with Storyline/the content.

There are settings at the item level, the content object level and at the content level that need to align in order to ensure the score is recorded properly. We were unable to get scores recorded with the cross-domain AICC wrapper, it was only after going to iContent (on the same server as SuccessFactors) that we were able to get the LMS to pick up the scores the content was sending. We published to the SCORM 1.2 standard as well, as per our SF rep's advice. Hopefully that helps!

Glen Murdock

You're welcome! Hopefully I can help get people past the hurdles that slowed us down significantly last year.

We bought in to SAP/SuccessFactors and went live in March of 2014 - and we're still debugging, refining assignment profiles, user data and metadata, curricula and reporting. Not to mention all the fun little pieces with activating online content, blended content and LMS-native exams versus Storyline exams. It's looking like this year I'll be tasked with figuring out the SCORM 2004 (2nd to 4th ed.) standard and how we can optimize our LMS capabilities with enhanced granular reporting. In simpler terms, we want to see more from less. Luckily Storyline lets us take our source files and just re-publish to different standards with about four mouse-clicks!!

If I can figure out how best to utilize SCORM 2004 content for question-level reporting, I'll post what I learned along the way here.

Glen Murdock

Update! I've learned not to use SCORM 2004 with the SF LMS as it's really irritating, hard to configure and get properly set up - and then you can't really update or change it the same way you can with a SCORM 1.2 or AICC content package.

For the "enhanced analytics" you're actually just better off to build an exam in the SuccessFactors exam/question builder and then use that. SCORM 2004 doesn't really add much beyond allowing you to enrich those questions with video, audio or other Flash/interactive stuff  from Storyline and is better used with SF as a SCORM 1.2.

...and good luck getting SF support to explain the how and why of any of that! It's taken this long just to get SCORM 2004 working properly with their help.

Anat Menachemy


My company has Successfacotors LMS and we try to run storyline elearning via LMS for the first time. We tried several configuration options but none of them worked well. currently we get error when we click on the close button (I attached the error message).

Can you assist me, describing what I'm doing wrong or what is the correct way to configure it?

We don't use iContent. all learning materials are on our company servers.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anat,

That error message indicates that you're viewing the published content on the local drive vs. uploading to your LMS or web server. As such you won't be able to access certain elements of the published output and you may want to review the information here in terms of testing the published output. Also the close or exit trigger is known to have some difficulty based on where it's hosted and you may want to review the information here in regards to suggested fixes.

Delbert Zorn

We need to remember that the SuccessFactors Learning does not accept the completion status of Complete or C.  It will only accept the pass or P.  You can setup a mapping in your AICC Config file that will make SF Learning convert the C to the p.  I have setup a mapping for both AICC and SCORM that looks like this.  ([System Administration - System Configuration - AICC])

  • lessonStatusMapping.ContentBuildTool[SCORM].ignoreCase=true

Then on the summary page of the content object set the build tool to AICC or SCORM.

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