Play Audio after all slide layers have been visited

Jun 13, 2013

I would like a "summarizing" audio piece to play after all of the slide layers have been visited.  How do I do this?

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Bruce Graham

Hi Kari, and a warm welcome to the Heroes forum.

  • Create a Variable (True/False) for each Layer, starting at False
  • Set variables on each layer that switch to True when each layer has been visited.
  • Then have another Layer that gets shown when all Variables are True
  • Play Audio when Timeline of that layer starts.


Melor Alui

Hi Bruce,

I am new to articulate and might need further clarification on this.

I know how to set variables, but how do I create a trigger that helps to set to true when visited. Can i put when the layer is visited? I could not find that. I only could find when the picture/ image state change to visited.

How do i create a trigger to move to that particular layer when all variables are true? Do you have a sample for me to follow?

If I am using hotspots at the base layer to move to the other layer, what is the best way to work on it? Please help. Thanks.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Melor!

Since this is a dated thread, Bruce may no longer be subscribed. I'm happy to help! We have lots of support articles that will answer most of your questions!

Storyline 360 User Guide

I've attached a sample file that I created to get you started! 

Eric Santos

Hi Lily,

I'm happy to jump in here! We have Storyline 360 tutorial videos that you might find helpful. 

I'd also be happy to look at your Storyline project file if you need additional help with the triggers and variables to fix the overlapping audio. You can upload it here as an attachment or privately through a support case. We'll delete it when we're done!