Play button on Start up: Some but not others

Why does the play button show up with some courses but not others?


I read a few different articles but some of my projects publish with audio on the first slide and do not require a play button. 

Can the Chrome settings distinguish between music and voice audio? That's what I have noticed, voice it requires a play button, music it auto plays.


Thoughts, please? 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Taylor!

It sounds like you've found this article already: HTML5 Audio Might Not Play in Google Chrome 66 and Later.

You're spot on! Chrome now requires the learner to "click" something before it will play any audio automatically. This includes both voice and music audio. You'll now see a Play button for learners to click to allow the audio to begin playing. 

You mentioned you see the Play button on some courses, but not others. This is because Chrome learns where you allowed audio to play on previous visits to the same site. When that happens, audio will automatically play as it did in earlier versions of Chrome. 

Vincent Scoma

Hi Della,

Happy to help clarify here! 

The behavior you are describing is intentional in Chrome browsers. Google stopped auto-playing audio in Chrome version 66 and above. As a way to address that, a play button will now appear when a course is launched or resumed and contains audio on the first slide. If there is no media on the first or resumed slide, then the course will play as intended. 

As Alyssa mentioned, this behavior for certain courses not showing the play button anymore is due to Chrome learning where you allowed audio to play on previous visits to the same site. For more details on these changes, please check out this resource: